FreezeFix to CryoEffect

Welcome to the CryoEffect Family

As Chicago’s First Luxury ColdSpa and wellness center, CryoEffect wanted to expand into the Hinsdale market and met with the owners of Freeze Fix. They both had the same mission and commitment to helping clients achieve their goals in health, wellness, and recovery, so it was an easy match from the start.

As the industry leader, CryoEffect knew they could continue offering the community of Hinsdale and surrounding areas what Freeze Fix had done so well already, offering the most revolutionary health-promoting technologies, resources, and education of cryotherapy.

CryoEffect and Freeze Fix stand behind delivering a superior experience and result for all clients. In 2020, Freeze Fix became the fourth CryoEffect and we are very excited to be a part of the Hinsdale community and will continue to support our customers to live their best life.

As always, Chill Out. Live Better®

The CryoEffect Family

Chill Out. Live Better®