Local Cryotherapy

Therapeutic therapy delivered directly to troubled areas on your body in a quick, targeted and safe way to reduce inflammation, swelling, and pain.

Local Cryotherapy

Using the Cryo-T Elephant device, Local Cryotherapy is administered to targeted, local areas of the body to reduce pain, inflammation and swelling resulting in faster healing and recovery times. These benefits eliminate the need for long hours of icing and returns you to your normal fitness and workout routines.

How Local Cryotherapy Sessions Work

Local Cryotherapy is a 10-minute therapy that streams concentrated vapor to targeted problem areas. Almost any part of the body can be treated externally by cooling the outside of the skin to heal from the “outside in,” triggering an internal systemic anti-inflammatory response. While this can be used on any part of the body, our clients have seen dramatic results in recovering from ankle sprains, knee soreness, lower back pain, plantar fasciitis, tennis elbow and shoulder strains, just to name a few.

Local Cryotherapy Benefits

  • Reduces Pain, Swelling, and Inflammation
  • Speeds up Recovery + Healing
  • Reduces Arthritic + Chronic Pain
  • Helps with Migraine Symptoms
  • Numbs Nerve Irritation
  • Treats Atopic Dermatitis + Other Skin Conditions

Cryotherapy Health Benefits Research + Resources

Cryotherapy for Atopic Dermatitis

Local + Whole Body Cryotherapy aids in treating Atopic Dermatitis.

Local Cryotherapy to Treat Migraines

Local Cryotherapy Helps Relieve Migraine and Headache Symptoms.

Cryotherapy to Treat Inflammatory Diseases

Cryotherapy to relieve rheumatic and inflammatory diseases

Experience The Rejuvenating Benefits of a CryoFacial

Cryotherapy is the ultimate body hack to reduce inflammation, alleviate pain, enhance your recovery, stimulate collagen production, and improve your health while rejuvenating your skin.

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