You probably don’t want to think of winter and the cold anytime soon, but as Chicagoans, we know it’s coming! It’s also the time that avid cryotherapy users contemplate the need to continue their regular cryotherapy. With temperatures outside starting to cool off, it’s no wonder there is confusion about whether or not a person needs “cold therapy” in addition to cold weather.

While the weather outside soon will be frightful, the benefits of continued cryotherapy sessions are delightful. The cold weather, no matter how cold, is never going to compare to the cold of cryotherapy. Cryotherapy uses a dry vapor, nitrogen, to alert the receptors in the skin to stimulate a natural fight or flight response. From there, the body does what the body does best; work for you. Your body immediately begins to warm up as the blood vessels dilate, sending oxygen and nutrient rich blood to the extremities of the body.

Winter, especially in the Midwest, can really take a toll on the body both physically as well as mentally. Aside from providing a kick of energy, a boost in immunity and overall well being, here are three major reasons to not only continue cryotherapy (or begin) sessions in the winter months, but to perhaps increase them between October and March.

Fight Seasonal Depression

Studies suggest humans are genetically wired to conserve energy in the colder, darker months of the year. This depletion in energy output can lead some people into a gloomy mental/emotional state commonly referred to as Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). While cryotherapy cannot replace sunshine, it can help aid the body at activating the energy that is hibernating for the winter months like a bear.

Cryotherapy releases endorphins and increases norepinephrine, resulting in a kind of euphoric feeling, similar to a “runner’s high” and helps alleviate pain. After a cryotherapy session you physically feel great, mentally feel lighter and happier, leading to an overall increase in productivity.

Ward Off Common Winter Illness

Winter time tends to bring with it a slew of germs, sickness, and copious amounts of hand sanitizer. Why not help the immune system out in every possible way to prevent sickness from happening? In addition to being great for mental health, cryotherapy also helps boost the immune system during the months of high- volume germs. But that’s not all! Cryotherapy has also been shown to help alleviate the symptoms of autoimmune diseases, chronic pain and lower overall stress, allowing the body to increase its capacity to fight off illness, inflammation, and disease.

Maintain Personal Health And Wellness Goals

Tis’ the season to eat, drink and be merry! Being constantly surrounded by amazing treats and lacking in energy to be active can really make it difficult to maintain any personal wellness goals. Good habits can quickly be replaced by easier habits because the easy way requires less energy output. What if just three minutes could help change your holiday health trajectory? That’s all it takes! By spending just three minutes in a cryotherapy session, the body’s metabolism gets a boost, the blood gets a detox and energy is restored allowing you to hit the gym or spend energy on any other personal health and wellness goals. Stay ahead of the winter slump with cryotherapy! Never experience winter blues again!


Winter Cryotherapy Recap

  1. Provides relief from aches and pains – which is inevitable in snow shoveling season.
  2. Ward off those winter blues.
  3. Helps boost the immune system – fighting off colds, flu and other germs that creep their way into the body.
  4. Increases metabolism and helps your body detox – Holiday food and cocktails – no more explanation necessary.